April 12, 2016

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Poetry Friday Preview

Tomorrow is my first time hosting Poetry Friday. Longtime Poetry Friday Posters – please bear with me while I fill some new friends in on the details. If you’re new to Poetry Friday, you can participate in several different ways… 1) Read my host-post. Visit the links others leave in the comments. Feel enriched by poetry. 2) Leave a comment on my blog. If you follow a link to another blog and love the poem or commentary posted there, leave that blogger a comment too. 3) Leave me a comment with a link to a poem you’d like to share. Give brief info – who you are, poet and title of the poem you’re sharing, maybe why you’re inspired to share it today. Remember to include the link (I forgot the first week I participated). 4) If your blog has a post with a poem (yours or someone else’s) or you’ve written about poetry, leave a comment with the same info as #3. Include the link to that post on your blog. I hope you’ll find something surprising, unexpected, or maybe rediscover an old favorite while you’re reading through people’s poetic offerings. I’ll be posting something Dodge Festival related around midnight. Expect a wee-hours round up, another before each school bus run (9 AM and 3 PM), after football practice (9 PM) and a final round up in the late evening. I’ll do a procrastinators’ round-up early Saturday AM. Please check in during the week of the 29th. I’ll be sharing poetic postcards from the Dodge Festival. On Poetry Friday 10/3, stop by for an exclusive interview with poets Khalil Murrell and Michael Z Murphy. Both are Festival Assistants for Dodge. They will give us a behind-the-scenes view of America’s biggest poetry festival. See you tomorrow!
Victorian clip art courtesy of Averyl's Attic:


Linda said...

Hi, thanks for hosting. I'm in at
with an original poem about what it's like to feel "different."

Julie said...

Hi, Laura - Thanks for hosting! In honor of Poetry Friday, I have a poem up on my blog (The Drift Record) by May Swenson, who knew what it meant to play with words. I also have a plea (Is poetry ever political? Is being an artist in this world ever NOT political?) to support the ad campaign of the Authors and Illustrators for Children Organization. Here's the link to my blog: