April 12, 2016

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

More Poetry Pockets

My third graders at Norwood Elementary had a great time creating their poetry pockets yesterday and today.
Our model poem is "Eliza's Jacket" by Calef Brown. We borrow the first two lines of Brown's poem, then let our imaginations take flight.
Cherie Lurz's morning class came up with this group poem:
I have a jacket,
a jacket made of pockets.
In pocket #29, I have snowy days.
I take one out
when I'm getting hot,
so I can get cold
and play in the snow.
I take one out
whenever I'm bored,
so I can have a snowball fight
or make a snowman,
or sled down a hill.
I take one out
whenever I want a day off
from school,
to curl up by the fire
with hot cocoa
and read a book.
(The last stanza suggested by an under-the-weather Ms. Lurz!)
Julia Kerner's class has had dinosaurs on the brain since I gave them a dino "Grow-Creature" to be their poetry mascot. (It is pink. Its name is Waffles the Dinosaur.)
Here is their group effort:
I have a jacket,
a jacket made of pockets.
In pocket 26 I have a dinosaur egg.
It cracks open
and a triceratops comes out.
I collect fruit for it to eat,
so when it grows it can give me
rides around town.
The neighbors would pass out!
Miss Flanigan's class was hungry:
In pocket 32,
I have my own McDonald's.
I'd get chocolate milk shakes
and salty fries and a Big Mac
whenever I wanted.
I would smell delicious.
And a handful of Ms. Lurz's students sat down with me today to compose this wildly imaginative poem:
I have a jacket,
a jacket made of pockets.
In pocket 5,000,003
I have an elephant,
so I can take showers
instead of baths.
In pocket 100,
I have a monster
with a green face,
purple hair and black teeth,
and a furry body,
to help me
scare away bullies.
The monster and the elephant fight
because the elephant tries
to spray the monster's teeth
to clean them,
so in pocket #506
I have a brick wall
to separate them all.
I love how this last poem begins to veer into narrative.
Hope your students had fun with their pocket poems, too. Again, if you'd like full instructions on the lesson and craft, visit
Tomorrow, I'll be in a celebratory mood -- working on Odes with students at Ellicott City, MD's Bonnie Branch Middle.

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