April 12, 2016

Friday, June 19, 2009

It's Poetry Friday, Hon!

You just missed Honfest – Baltimore’s celebration of its own wacky, lovable culture. (It's featured in the book Party Across America.)
Enjoy these Baltimore Hons, complete with beehives, animal prints, tight pedal pushers and high heels (feather boas optional, but recommended).
I’m electing hometown girl Shirley Brewer official poet of the Baltimore Hons. With her great sense of humor & unique style (animal prints -- check), Shirley would be a great ambassador.
Her first book of poetry, A Little Breast Music, was published last fall by Baltimore’s Passager Books.
Shirley’s new blog even has a Hon-appropriate flashy name: Now, about those high heels.... Shoe Blues This shoe is quite ridiculous, the heel four inches high. The ankle strap is a safety belt, a feature I can justify. This shoe was made in Paris, right near the river In-Seine. It’s lined in light pink leather, the toe in Novocain. This shoe is not supposed to be as comfortable as a slipper. The fact is the designer’s name is probably Jack the Tripper. This shoe is perfectly gorgeous, I’m ready to make a deposit. In the front of my mind I know it will live in the back of my closet. Shirley J. Brewer For more information on Shirley’s book. Join some more poetry hons at this week’s Poetry Friday, hosted by Carol's Corner.
Teachers and parents, come back soon for a high-school lesson based on one of Shirley Brewer's poems.


jama said...

What a fun poem -- perfect to kick off a sunny weekend. Will have to check out Shirley's book :).

Mary Lee said...

Wow! You have done much in one post to help me de- stereotype Baltimore! Now the picture in my mind is SO much more than just rusting old factories! The chamber of commerce should hire you!

Author Amok said...

Thanks, both of you. There's a lot going for Baltimore (and a lot of problems, too). Glad you liked Shirley's poem. She's a hoot and a Hon.

Color Online said...

Fun poem and I'm off to check out Shirley.

Author Amok said...

She's a trip. Enjoy the book!