April 12, 2016

Friday, July 23, 2010

Blogastic Surgery?

I'm thinking about a blog facelift.

Unlike plastic surgery, blogastic surgery is free and does not require medication or being shot with rat poison. But, like plastic surgery, I have to consider how much I want the blog to look like its old self.

What has me hankering for a new look? Last week, I had a conversation with poet Barbara Morrison. We were discussing CityLit Project (my publisher) and the experience of putting together a poetry chapbook. The interview is going to be on JMWW Journal's website soon.

Barbara said she didn't get the whole "Author Amok" vibe. The name, the frenzied tag -- they don't fit my work.

I'd like to tackle the name issue first, then work on the visuals.

So, word surgeons, give me your best consultation. Comment on the ideas I've come up with, or post an original title for the toned and tightened blog. I'll send two of you (chosen at random) a copy of my award-winning chapbook, Mountain, Log, Salt and Stone.

Here are my "namelift" ideas, with some points to consider:

1) 13 Ways of Looking

This one suits the variety of work I do as a poet and teacher. But, much as I like "13 Ways of Looking at a Blackbird," I'm not a Stevens nut. It's also the name of an artist's website.

2) This Is Just to Say
3) The Red Wheelbarrow

I love & adore WCW -- who is a fellow New Jerseyan -- but I don't write like him. "The Red Wheelbarrow" feels kid-lit friendly. There is a blog called "Is Just to Say" and a Red Wheelbarrow bookstore, but no blog.

4) Eat a Peach
Love the poem and this particular line's call to creative action. Still, I don't write like Eliot.

5) In Uffish Thought
I admit, this one makes me sound like an Alice-geek. Which I am. But is it too much of an in-joke? Surprisingly not, as there are quite a few blogs with this name.

6) Mrs. Poems
I was given the nickname by an elementary student with Aspergers who couldn't remember "Mrs. Shovan." Is it too cute for anyone but primary graders and their teachers?

I'm going away for a week, so let's make July 31 the deadline for comments/contest.

Help me, Jedi Poets... you're my only hope!

Please insert new blog-face below.


Author Amok said...

Because I'm such a huge Stafford fan, "Traveling Through the Dark," is another idea.

Tabatha said...

Possibilities, maybe something having to do with what we were talking about re: the arts being basic?

Feeding the Spirit,
Dwell in Possibility,
Poetry Essentials,
An Invitation to Poetry,
A Gift Against the Rush

Diane Mayr said...

I'm partial to crows and other black birds, so I'll offer a few titles related to your first suggestion (just throwing things out without too much thought):

Getting to know the blackbird

The 14th way

Songs of the black and blue bird

All the colors of the blackbird

The weight of feathers

You know, with the new blogger templates, you can really have fun giving your blog a facelift.


Author Amok said...

Thanks for the suggestions, everyone. I'm mulling it over. I'll do the give-away drawing when we get back from the beach.

Ken Ronkowitz said...

I don't think you should use a reference to anyone else's poetry (Stafford, Williams, Eliot et al) If anything, use a line or title from a poem of your own. Red Crayon? American Flamingo? You have to select the line...

Author Amok said...

Thanks -- that's a good point. "Red Crayon" is a good suggestion. Still mulling over ideas and everyone's helpful comments.

Tabatha said...

Two more things...

1) That picture at the top of this post is seriously scary.

2) You should do something with "Jedi Poets." A children's poetry club/society? You could make a great t-shirt with that on it!

Author Amok said...

Yes -- that photo freaked out both kids and my husband. It's supposed to be Nancy Pelosi (SNL sketch).

Hmmm. I'm thinking about the Jedi Poets thing. Good idea.