April 12, 2016

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Poetry Celebration

Get your tea and biscuits ready. Today, my intern Alissa and I get to visit with our Northfield poets for the last time. It's the third grade Poets Tea.

The children will read their poems for an audience of parents and other visitors. But they also have a chance to travel to other homerooms. There, they will read poems by classmates with whom they don't typically share writing time.

It's often an eye-opening experience for kids. Through poetry, they see a different side of their peers. This is one of my favorite aspects of being a poet-in-residence -- helping the children expand their view of one another as whole people.

Last week, I posted several of the children's persona poems. I saved two more for our celebration. Both of these poems are portraits, but they also have that elusive element... tone.

Hanna's poem reminded me of a poem from A Child's Garden of Verses, by Robert Louis Stevenson.

The Swing of Trips 
By Hanna, Grade 3

Up through the air,
she flies in the sky.
She comes over the
grass and comes
back down. She pretends
it’s an airplane
flying and landing
and again fly and
land. Now it’s Florida,
then Wyoming to see
the buffalo. Now
it’s bed till tomorrow.
Where is
she going to

Hanna captures the flight of the swing, but also how a swing's meditative motion can be a jumping off point for imagination.

Chloe's poem captures a moment. I like how this little poem expresses the happiness we can find in slowing down and appreciating simple things.

Good Thoughts
by Chloe Y., Grade 3

The Happy lady looks out the window.
She thinks what a beautiful day.
Sitting on the bench outside,
Looking up and listening to the birds.
She stands up and picks some flowers,
Then goes inside and gets a vase.
She sniffs the flowers
and thinks good thoughts.

Congratulations, Northfielders. You outdid yourselves with these poems! Thank you for inviting me back again this year. I hope your summers are filled with fun, poet and good thoughts.

Thanks to Kerry at Picture Books and Pirouettes for my Irresistibly Sweet Blog award!


Tabatha said...

Thanks for sharing these heart-warming poems, Laura!

And this is a good point:

"Through poetry, they see a different side of their peers."

The arts give all kids a chance to shine.

Author Amok said...

Thanks, Tabatha. This was mentioned again today at our residency evaluation meeting. The teachers said, when they put the portrait poems on the bulletin board, the kids couldn't wait to read each others work.