April 12, 2016

Friday, June 17, 2011

Poetry Friday: Role Models

The first time I saw Sade, I was watching MTV with my best friend. I was in high school. The girls in music videos were usually singers sporting Flock-of-Seagulls-inspired hair or car-hood ornaments for metal bands. None of them looked like the girl I wanted to be.

Then, I saw Sade, in "Smooth Operator."

She was so different. Her clothes were modest. Her music was cool and confident. Instant hero.

Last  night, I saw Sade (now 52) kick off her USA tour here in Baltimore. The concert was incredible. Great staging. Great music. And, as my friend astutely pointed out, Sade doesn't have to throw  herself around the stage in a boustierre to be an attractive woman.

The Baltimore Sun reviews the concert today.

The concert made me realize that what I loved about Sade when I was a teen -- although I couldn't put words to it then -- was that she is a positive role model for young women. Still is.

Enough preaching! Earlier this year, I shared a portrait poem by one of the middle school students I was visiting. For her poem's inspiration, this student chose a newspaper clipping of a Sade album cover.

I doubt this 'tween knows Sade's music. (One of my friends, 32, had never heard of her. Ouch.) But she captures the positive vibe perfectly.


by Sydney E.
My hair is long
like my history.
My eyes are dark
like my past.
My voice is strong
like my faith.
My ears have heard many sounds,
from the birds’ twitter in the morning
to that midnight train.

I’m going off on my own,
to perform the way I want.
I empower people to dream big,
but act bigger.
To me,
Jazz is not just a type of music.
It’s a way of life.
Jazz is soft and smooth,
warm and deep,
soulful and strong.

If I have one amazing song,
I would give it up for a few minutes with my friend.
My friends and family are always in my music.
like angels,
always with me.
They’re there,
you just might not notice them.

A friend will be there to help me when I fall,
but a best friend will never let me touch the ground.
Jazz is one of my best friends.
He brought me back,
when I wanted to jump the ledge.
Jazz is my love.
I will never let him go.
Today's Poetry Friday host is Jone at Check It Out. Stop by for more poetry. And if Sade's tour is coming to your area, check her out.

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Tabatha said...

Wow, awesome poem by Sydney! Glad you got to go to the concert. I agree with your description of Sade -- she's the real deal.