April 12, 2016

Monday, April 1, 2013

National Poetry Month 2013: Welcome to the TechnoVerse

It's National Poetry Month!
This year's theme: postcards.
Every year, Author Amok celebrates NPM with a month-long project. We've toured the 50 states poet laureate (2010), featured Maryland poets (2011), and looked at 30 Habits of Highly Effective Poets (2012).

This year, adventuresome poets, we are exploring the TechnoVerse--that place in cyberspace where poetry and technology intersect.

To start us off, here is slam poet Kurt Ikeda's poem "iTeacher."

As a teacher, and the parent of two tech-culture immersed teens, I tip my hat to Kurt. "iTeacher" is an honest look at the pros and cons of teaching (and sometimes competing) with technology.

It takes an iVillage to seek out new forms and new iterations of poetry. We'll be looking at apps, programs, websites, and tools for writers. Here is a list of this month's guest bloggers.

Monday, April 1: Laura's Invitation to the TechnoVerse
Tuesday, April 2: Gloson Teh compares poetry to writing code
Wednesday, April 3: Linda Baie's apps for inspiration
Thursday, April 4: Barbara Morrison on Scrivener
Friday, April 5: Scott Slaby tries a text sonnet

Are books ancient history?

Monday, April 8: Danuta Hinc shares favorite poetry websites
Tuesday, April 9: Carol Munro writes poetry with a friend via email
Wednesday, April 10: Dennis Kirschbaum has a surprise for us
Thursday, April 11: Regina Sokas on global connections
Friday, April 12: April Halprin Wayland on RhymeWeaver.Com
You've come a long way, Poetry.

Monday, April 15: Amy Ludwig VanDerwater on SoundCloud
     (or Pinterest!)
Tuesday, April 16: Ken Ronkowitz of Poets Online
Wednesday, April 17: Moira Egan on Tech Sonnets
Thursday, April 18: Gregory Luce takes us on
     the Poetry Foundation’s Walking Tour of DC Poetry 
Friday, April 19: Christine Hurley has a tech based poetry projects
     for kids
Ancient Egyptian scribe from Wikipedia.

Monday, April 22: Irene Latham's Progressive Poem is here
Tuesday, April 23: Diane Mayr explains Archive.Org
Wednesday, April 24: Kay Weeks tests out a random poem generator
Thursday, April 25: Clarinda Harriss uses texting errors
     to compose a poem
Friday, April 26: Debbie Levy replaces her Roget's
     with Dictionary App

Library of Congress
Monday, April 29: SPECIAL GUEST POET!
Tuesday, April 30: National Poetry Month wrap-up

Thanks to Tagxedo.Com for Author Amok's technology-produced and totally spiffy new nameplate.

Okay, everyone. Put your space suits on, fire your engines and let's blast off!

Remember to breathe.


Linda B said...

Kurt's poem ended with a question of will he become an ITeacher, and the answer a definite "NO". Yet, I do see possibilities for the future, too. I hope your idea of the month of technoverses will offer some answers to the dilemma of student faces to the screens, Laura. It's certainly a blessing and a curse for teachers, yet I remember people saying to me "you always have your nose in a book". I guess I hope also that we will be able to move students to other things besides FB on their screens. There is much to access if we can only get them there! Thanks!

skanny17 said...

Looking forward to learning a lot this month! Thank you, Laura for your Poetry Month blog in advance. I am going to watch the video again! It captures the interest for sure. How we take this and make it work for and with our kids is a new frontier and those who don't get on the path will be far behind! (I already am, but want to try to catch up!)
Janet F.

Mary Lee said...

Okay. I'm going to come back when I have more time. This series ROCKS!! (love your new banner!!)