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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Poetry Friday: A Spiralling Storm of Fib Poems

It has been stormy and scary in Northfield Elementary's third grade this week. Like many of us with curious natures, the young poets I'm working with love extremes. Whether it's wild weather or the antics of dangerous animals, drama always makes for interesting writing.

This is the last of our Fibonacci poems. You can read my full lesson plan here.

Here's a great video explaining Fibonacci numbers in nature.

And since we were being all scientific, here are more third grade Fibonacci nature poems. I like how Erin introduces a character in the last, long line of her weather poem.

Erin H.


Thunder and lightning
Beautiful, dangerous, awesome
Keeps you awake at night with the boom of thunder

Read about storm science at Weather.Com
Julian starts us off with weather (A snow day? No school!) and then shifts to thinking about how winter weather affects non-human animals.

Julian C.

Schools days off!
In certain places,
Animals are hibernating
Caves have bears and birds go south to find a warmer place.

Find this classic picture book at Amazon.

Isabella's Fib begins with a description of her topic, reptiles, then lists some great examples... with a  little surprise in the final syllable.

Isabella M.


Reptiles like
Lizards, snakes, gators,
And those big crocodiles! Help!

Remember our reptilian friend from the Poetry Postcard series?

Poetry Friday is brought to us today by our gracious host, Anastasia Suen at BookTalking. I see she's been thinking mathematically (in literature)  too!

Next week, I'll be sharing the third graders opposites poems. They did a great job working on organizing poetic ideas into two stanzas.

Thanks to the Northfield families, students and teachers for inviting me back again this year. All of the poems in this series have been posted with permission.


Linda B said...

It seems they're very 'into' it, Laura. I like that line, "And those big crocodiles. Help!". Very fun to read!

Anastasia Suen said...

Love the student poems! Thanks for participating in Poetry Friday!

jama said...

Fun to see these student poems. Thanks for sharing!

Ruth said...

Thanks! It's always fun to see student work!

Donna Smith said...

Fun! They did a nice job. It will be fun to read their opposite poems.

Tara @ A Teaching Life said...

Your third graders took your marvelous lesson and ran with it! I love the chances they took...and the fun they obviously had with this poem form.

Mary Lee said...

I wrote a fib this week! I found an amazing picture of fractal broccoli, and a fib seemed the most appropriate poetry form!

I think I'll add this form to my short form instruction at the beginning of the year next year -- it's fun!

Doraine said...

These are such fun. And I wanted to say thank you for the lesson info. I took your posts, along with Sarah's book, and put together a Fib poem lesson for a third grade class I was visiting. It was a wonderful class visit. I had one student who took her poem/story all the way out to 144 syllables!

Author Amok said...

Thanks, all. Mary Lee, I know exactly which broccoli you are talking about. (I think it appeared in one of my postcard poems.)

Dori, wow! 144 beats. That is impressive. I'm glad your students had a good time with the lesson. Thanks for letting me know.