April 12, 2016

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Poetry Friday: A Thanksgiving Walk

Writerly Friends, this is for those of you who enjoy an autumn walk after Thanksgiving dinner. Happy Poetry Friday.

  by William Wordsworth

This is the spot:—how mildly does the sun
Shine in between the fading leaves! the air
In the habitual silence of this wood
Is more than silent: and this bed of heath,
Where shall we find so sweet a resting-place?
Come!—let me see thee sink into a dream
Of quiet thoughts,—protracted till thine eye
Be calm as water when the winds are gone
And no one can tell whither.—my sweet friend!
We two have had such happy hours together,
That my heart melts in me to think of it.

Photo of Meadowbrook Park by J. Shovan

This week, I am thankful to Carol of Carol's Corner for hosting our Poetry Friday feast.


Carol said...

I'd love to be walking along this stream, especially with a poetry loving friend!

Mary Lee said...

My heart is melting, too! I'll carry this poem in my pocket when I walk!

Linda B said...

You've made me wonder if many take a walk after the Thanksgiving meal? We do, no matter the weather, but yesterday we had sunny and warm, much fun to talk and walk through the neighborhood and enjoy the 'dreamy' day. Thanks Laura for reminding us that we still do some things like very long ago!

Tara @ A Teaching Life said...

Love these lines:
let me see thee sink into a dream
Of quiet thoughts
How perfect for the day after Thanksgiving festivities!

GatheringBooks said...

William Wordsworth captures elusive words at their finest. Thank you for sharing this. Beautiful.

skanny17 said...

Love this poem and wish I had been able to go for a walk. We ate late and it was cold and raining and dark. A walk is a wonderful way to continue to enjoy blessings on Thanksgiving. I love these lines about the quietness of the air:
/...the air
In the habitual silence of this wood
Is more than silent.../

Doesn't it make you think of how nice it is to walk with friends and just be there in the silence, together?
Happy Poetry Friday the day after Thanksgiving. I count PF as one of my favorite blessings along with the generous souls I meet here.
Janet F.

Catherine said...

This looks like a lovely spot for a post-feast walk! Thank you for sharing Wordsworth's poem today. It's reminding me of many "happy hours together" with loved ones.

Julie said...

"Calm as water when the winds are gone...." Walking can do that for you, can't it? Just let the calm take over?
We, too, take an after--Thanksgiving-dinner walk - though there's no stream like this nearby!

Michelle Heidenrich Barnes said...

"My heart melts in me" to read this. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful poem!