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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Quicksilver Ballerina: 2014 Poetry Project

Writerly Friends, I am the type of girl who cannot resist a hot-pink tutu. Show me a box of dress ups, and I’m happy to pull on hats, scarves, and tulle creations for hours. 

Dressing up as a "Merry Man"
at Nottingham Castle.
It’s Day 22 of the Pantone®  Poetry Project. (“What’s that?” you ask. Read about the month-long writing project here.)

Today’s colors are Quicksilver and Ballerina.

Day 22 Quicksilver
Pantone ®  17-3907
Day 22 Ballerina
Pantone ®  13-2807
Many of us tied on a pair of ballet slippers at some point, or helped a child pull on tights, or pinned a grandchild's hair into a bun. Dance is a rich metaphor for life and the passage of time, as you’ll read in today’s poems.

Ballet Slipper
by Patricia VanAmburg

Her slippers, leotard and skin
are all the wrong color on
this very first day of class—
brilliant jungle dancer
pirouetting through the house—
leaping—twirling—unable to sit
still in the four-year-old circle
with fingers slippering the floor
in time to some very small music. 

Patricia's granddaughter is a girl after my own heart. As long as we're wearing a costume, let's go crazy!

by Diane Mayr

At four it is all about the tulle,
pink and light as French buttercream.
At fourteen it is all about the pointe,
toes raw, pink with blood and sweat.
At twenty-four it is all about the anguish
of seeing pink roses tossed for another.
At thirty-four it is all about the dance
lesson for four-year-olds in pink tulle.

I love the circular nature of Diane's poem, which we'll return to in a moment. Margaret's daughter celebrated a birthday this week. This is a "not" poem -- Margaret cleverly uses pink (NOT her daughter's color) as a jumping off point for this portrait.

29 year old
            For Maggie, 2/24/14

Ballerina pink is not your color
as you take to the streets in an obsidian Lexus,
You fly to San Francisco. Run by the Golden Gate;
International orange looks good on you!
Undaunted, throw your hair to the wind—
Quick like silver, don’t look back.

Vintage postcard from The Old Collector.
I like the sense of movement in Linda's poem, which brings us back to the young dancer.

Granddaughter’s Kiss

netted tutu
sparkle shoes
ballerina pink
turning twirling whirling

Linda Baie © all rights reserved

For my Quicksilver Ballerina, I looked outside. Ballet can be seen as a metaphor for another kind of growth…

Maple Seeds
By Laura Shovan

Each green ballerina
pirouettes through air
and where she lands
her curtsy brushes low.
She disappears
behind a curtain of earth,
changes costume, waits
for spring’s spotlight
to call her back onstage.

Same poem in the form of a haiku

green ballerina’s
quicksilver dance—tree to earth
she waits for spring’s cue

Tomorrow, Day 23, is bringing us all kinds of weather words to play with. Your colors are Solar Power, Gulf Stream, and Nimbus Cloud.

Day 23 Solar Power
Pantone ®  13-0759
Day 23 Gulf Stream
Pantone ®  14-4511
Day 23 Nimbus Cloud
Pantone ®  13-4108
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Remember: keep writing, keep sharing and this could be yours!

I'm saving this prize for our most
frequent Pantone
®  Poem poster.


Linda B said...

Love all the ballerina poems. little girls' fancy, & then I think of Billy Elliot-wish I'd thought of him earlier! I used to play with those ballerina dancing maple seeds, Laura. Love that you "turned" this to ballerina green!

patricia said...

Love the view point of tiny dancers and their teachers--and yes for maple seed wings.

Author Amok said...

I loved Billy Elliot, Linda. Saw the Broadway show, but never the movie. I'll have to put it on my TBV list.

BookChook said...

Thank you for these wonderful word pictures!