April 12, 2016

Thursday, May 29, 2014

In Residence: Eating Dessert First

Good morning, Poets!

The Northfield third graders are still enjoying a poetry feast. For today's post, let's live wild and free by eating dessert first. Then we'll enjoy our main course.

If you'd like to read more about my food poems workshop for elementary schoolers, read this post.

I enjoyed Audrey and Jonathan's poems because, in each one, the quick rhythm and tumbling of words conveys how much the speaker enjoys eating. Both poets are using rhythm to create an exciting/excited tone.

Dessert first!

by Audrey L.

The creamy chocolate in my mouth
melting slowly, piece by piece,
shaped as squares, smooth by touch.
I see the milky brown as you take a bite.
Smells like cocoa but much sweeter.
I hear you crunch upon the brown squares
while I suck on the chocolate.
When we're finished, we ask for more
and if we get some, we clap for joy.
What a good snack that chocolate was.

Dessert first? I admit to having hot chocolate
for breakfast this morning.
Main course...

Great Noodles
by Jonathan

The sizzling noise.
Looks like worms.
Tastes like heaven.
Come to dinner.
Eat them fast.
Eat them when they're hot.
Get the forks and knives.
Side dishes everywhere.
The same smell always.
Hear it sloshing in the pot.
Eating seconds and thirds
until there's no more.

We'll have more poetic treats tomorrow as the third graders prepare for their poetry open house. Parents, families, and friends will be joining us for a poetry celebration tomorrow afternoon.

Thanks to Audrey and Jonathan's families for giving me permission to post their poems today.

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Linda B said...

So much to like about these two, and the rhythm of the eating is right in there, I agree. Love "The creamy chocolate in my mouth/melting slowly, piece by piece" and "Looks like worms/tastes like heaven". I would guess only a 3rd grader would think of worms! Nice, Laura.