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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Poetry Friday: In Residence

Happy Poetry Friday!

Today is my last post from the "In Residence" series, which highlighted lessons and poems from the Northfield Elementary third graders.

Students' poems were on display
at our open house last week.
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When we last left our poets, they were working on pocket poems. Using a model poem by Calef Brown as their jumping off point, the third graders stretched their imaginations, putting magical objects, invented creatures, and other cool stuff in their poetry pockets.

Here are some poems and photos from our poetry open house.

Reading pocket poems.
Pocket Poem
by Alina M.

I have a jacket,
a jacket made of pockets.
In pocket #13
I have a b each.
It is a private beach.
The water is clear.
The sun is bright yellow.
The sand is tan.
You can see the fish swimming
and the dolphins jumping up,
but here comes a shark. Ouch!
I pull it out when I'm having a bad day,
then relax and have lots of fun.
I invite my friends Paige, Taylor, Melissa,
Hannah and Alike.
We get splashed with the water
and ride on the dolphin far away.
Where do you think I go?

Pocket Poem
by Jackson R.

I have a jacket,
a jacket made of pockets.
Pocket number 1 holds X-ray sunglasses.
My X-ray sunglasses have black liner
and when I look down and I can see
valuable items.
I would use it to find life's mysterious things
that went missing.
I want it because I could find life's

greatest mysteries.
The bad thing is someone might find my
X-ray sunglasses and steal them.
But the best thing I ever found was
the Amber Room.
What will you find next?

Pocket Poem
by Lily B.

I have a jacket,
a jacket made of pockets.
In pocket #2 I have a Pegasus.
It is lime green with different colored
hibiscus on it.

When she flies by unbloomed flowers
they bloom right away. In the winter
I would use her to grow flowers.
When she senses unbloomed flowers
she kicks me but the kick doesn't hurt.
What she eats any kind of flower.
I love having her in my pocket.

When it was time to say goodbye until next spring, the third grade teachers and I exchanged gifts.

For me -- thank you poems in the shape of beautiful stars!

For the Fibonacci-happy third grade -- a copy of Poetry Friday guy Greg Pincus's debut novel!

Check it out here!
Have a great summer, all of you teachers and school librarians out there. See you next school year.


Robyn Hood Black said...

Such imaginative poems! Thanks for sharing, Laura. I wonder who had more fun these recent weeks - you or the students? (Alina's delightful poem pairs nicely with Carol's offering over at the Roundup today.) :0)

Linda B said...

I love this, Laura, and the poems are wonderful. I hope I can borrow this idea for next year. The Pocket Poems are filled with unique ideas, & expanded too. Your teaching must have been so inspiring.

Tara said...

Like Linda, I want to borrow these ideas for next year. The poems were such fun to read - what a wonderful immersion into poetry.

Violet N. said...

Jackson R. has what I want for my pocket:

"My X-ray sunglasses have black liner
and when I look down and I can see
valuable items.
I would use it to find life's mysterious things
that went missing."

These are wonderful Laura! Thanks for sharing them with us.

Author Amok said...

Thanks for visiting everyone -- all throughout these residency posts. The third grade poets enjoy reading your comments. Please borrow away! If anyone wants more details on the lesson plans for pocket poems (or any of the other "In Residence" workshops), leave a comment or send me an email.

Michelle Heidenrich Barnes said...

Oh yes, I would like these things for my pockets as well! Especially those x-ray sunglasses "to find life's mysterious things
that went missing." I NEED those.

Liz Steinglass said...

I love it when you post about your work with students.

Mary Lee said...

This is just to say that I have been here and read your words, but surgery on both thumbs last Tuesday prevents me from typing a personalized comment. Forgive me -- copy/paste is the best I can do this week! :-)

Carol said...

I have had a crazy spring and somehow, I managed to miss this whole series! I will definitely be visiting each of these posts-- can't wait to share these examples of student poetry with my teachers next fall!

GatheringBooks said...

Love reading your students' poems - they have a great teacher, looks like it! :)

Diane Mayr said...

Nice finish to the school year! I love the picture of the female astronaut that accompanies "Outer Space."

jan godown annino said...

Wish I were a kiddo in your poetry residency classes Carol! I recently discovered Mr. Pincus & his 14 Fibs... book. It's such fun.

And I think it's inventive how you get the young poets going with the idea that they have a jacket with pockets & each pocket holds a poem. What a cool riff on the "poem in my pocket' phrase.

Wish more schools had a Carol in their pocket.. Brava!

Renee LaTulippe said...

What a wonderful project! I love the writing prompt, and especially love the poem about finding all of life's mysteries. These kids will certainly remember this beautiful poetry experience. I don't know who's luckier - you or them. :)