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Monday, November 17, 2014

In Residence: Poetry Celebration

Today's the big day, third grade poets.

It's our poetry celebration at Manor Woods Elementary School. I've been in residence with the third grade for the last three weeks. Today, families are coming to listen to us read all of the poems we've been working so hard on.

It wouldn't be a party without food.

Let's jump into our celebration with some food poems by the Manor Woods third graders. During this workshop, we are concentrating on using our five senses to describe a food. Food is so tied up with family, memory, and traditions. I asked the poets to stretch themselves and give the reader a sense of what or who makes these foods important to them.

By Amira W.

The Ravens game starts, “Set hut.”
My mom makes my favorite dish!
Buffalo dip and mussels.
It’s so good. It smells delicious.
I can’t wait to eat it!
I hear footsteps coming.
That must be my mom.
She sets them at the table
And I started chomping them up
They taste so good.
I can’t wait until the next game!

By Shyla L.

It’s Thanksgiving day.
We are going to make apple crisp.
Mom gets the knives out.
Slice, slice, the apples are cut
Into tiny bits.
Chomp, chomp.
We fling a few in our mouths.
Mom gets the cake mix out.
Clank, clank goes the mixing spoon
When she pours the mix in
With some sweet sugar.
I could smell the apples
Mom put it into the oven to soften.
I take the baking tray out.

Apple crisp was the first thing
I learned to bake by myself.
A guilt-free recipe is here.
Cheese Burgers
By Rachel L.

Walking to the cafeteria after recess at school.
Smelling delicious cheese burgers.
The bread all plain with cheese on it.
Hearing the register go ching!
Also hear the meat sizzle.
Adding lettuce to my burger.
Sip! Drinking chocolate milk.
The sound of finally cleaning up.
Getting a duck slip for quietly waiting in line.
Cheese burgers are yummy!!

By Ryan P.

Going down in the morning
To have breakfast
Is a nice and peaceful breakfast
With no banging, crashing.
Get out the cereal and milk.
Splashing the milk in the bowl
Sip, chew, eating all the cereal.
Back to bed I go.

By Constantine E.

When I lived in Virginia,
There was a Costco nearby.
My mom let me get something
Cheap on the menu. I ordered
A hot dog. I hear them
Wrapping it up
And bringing it toward me.
I unwrapped it and my mouth
Started to water.
Crunch went the onion dispenser
When I was putting on the onions.
I put on ketchup and mustard
And I could almost taste it!
When I took my first bite,
I was clearly amazed.
It tasted like heaven,
Just in my hands!

Third graders -- you're going to love this video of our model poem, "Good Hotdogs" by Sandra Cisneros. It was made by kids.

By Andrew B.

Get the spoons, get ready
For spaghetti. Rumble, rumble
Bubble, bubble, bubble chicka chick.
Put it on the table.
Wop, wop, wop. I eat two bowls.
Mom and Dad and my older brother
Eat three each.
We ate at our house. I was full
And stopped eating.
The food was great.
I liked it, but then
Me and my brother played Wii.
It was fun. I should do this again.
It was fun.

By Evan T.

When I came back from soccer,
I asked Mom, “What’s for lunch?”
I smelled the dumplings
And it smelled tasty.
I took off my shoes
And went in the dining room
And sat down.
When the dumplings got on my plate
It was hot.
I grabbed a fork and started eating.
The meat inside the dumpling
Was delicious.

Wow, poets! Thanks for working extra onomatopoeia words into your food poems. Gold star!

Before we say goodbye, I'd like to share two more poems. Both of these are portraits, written in response to photographs clipped from a newspaper or magazine. I like the portrait workshop because it gives young writers a chance to show what deep thinkers and compassionate human beings they are. (You can find my portrait poem lesson at Author Amok. Part 1 is here. Part 2 is here.)

Portrait Poem
by Marcus Z.

I look at the shelf,
getting a book for me and my wife to read.
The book's name is Spongebob.
So funny to read that.
Me and my wife like to read.
We hope to have children
that are like us.
We hope the children love
Spongebob the  movie or book.
We just hope to have children
that are like us.

Portrait Poem
By Roman R.

A guitarist’s pet dog just died
And he’s singing a sad, sad song
About his dog Billy Bob Joe Bob.
He was white and black.
He was just like his guitar
And sad like his guitar.
He sings all night
With his cool cowboy suit on.
His badge shines
In the half faded darkness.
His boots are down
And his head is up.
He is trying to fight off the darkness
But he can’t.

If you'd like to read more poems from the Manor Woods poetry residency, here are the links:

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All student poems posted here with permission. Have a happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I am taking a break from blogging until December 1.


Tabatha said...

Thanks for sharing these, Laura! Those are some tasty food poems -- I like how effectively the poets convey their excitement for their topic. The portrait poems are interesting and thoughtful...the endings of both are very striking.

Linda B said...

Finally found the time to read and enjoy, Laura. All the poems are wonderful, including that hot dog video, the 'swinging legs'. You're right, food touches us and the memory stays. I imagine the students loved having you. What a gift of words you gave them.