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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

2015 Sound Poem Project Day 24: Sea Turtle

It’s Day 24 of Author Amok's 2015 poem-a-day project. We are spending February writing in response to sounds.  

For a full description of the project and how to participate, please read this post. I hope you'll join us. I'll continue posting poems from Day 24 as they come in. Thanks to everyone who has sent in poems so far.

Put on  your scuba gear, poets. We're heading under the sea today.

Our Day 24 prompt is a sea turtle.

The Green Sea Turtle:  Chelonia mydas
From Jacob's Jungle
I'm going to go first and get it over with today. This was a sound I struggled with, so instead of playing with the burbling water sounds, I went to and looked up rhyming words for tortoise. I shoved as many rhyming and near-rhyme words as I could into my poem.

by Laura Shovan

Your chorus is cautious.
Hidden in a flawless
coral forest, sound orbits
in vortices of porous ocean.
Down here, life’s a circus
of gorgeous creatures: porpoise,
walrus, enormous orcas.
Your carapace has one purpose:
lonely fortress.

Karin Fisher-Golton is also thinking about all of the gorgeous creatures that live (normally) out of human sight.

The Underwater Way
by Karin Fisher-Golton

Undersea sounds—
soothing splashes
babbling bubbles
rhythmic wash.

How in the midst
of this aquatic lullaby
can there co-exist
a fish eat fish world?

The underwater citizens
confine their violence
to a snap
             then quickly resume
their peaceful flow.

Diane Mayr is taking a break from the 50+ inches of snow up north to vacation (in her mind). I'm glad she's giving the tortoise some company.

winter break...
me and the green turtle
in a green sea

Our turtle wasn't so sure he wanted a scuba diver with a camera and microphone in his face, as Linda Baie observed.

         Nap Interrupted

A turtle naps. It’s slow to go,
while fishes make a moving show.

Danger near, eyes open wide,     
Flipper moves, away it glides.

Linda Baie © All Rights Reserved

Patricia VanAmburg also lets the tortoise make a getaway. Great use of title here, Patricia!

Bubble Maker
by Patricia VanAmburg

no ordinary aquarium
this blue-green world
of the periscope-eyed
turtle-shell scuba in
submerged getaway

The opening line of Charles Waters poem captures the sound we heard today. Great use of onomatopoeia.


Sounds of gulping drizzle
Leave loggerhead impervious
As fishes nibble his algae coated
Shell for their morning meal. 

(c) Charles Waters 2015 all rights reserved.

We're almost at the finish line, poets! Keep swimming...

Here are all of the sound prompts for the last week of February. Remember, there will be a prize for our most prolific poet.

Footsteps in snow

Smoke on the Water

Sea Turtle

Choose a train sound. Thanks to Myra of Gathering Books for the suggestion!

Suggested by Jennifer Lewis.

Sunday, March 1: Project Wrap-up

If you'd like some poem-starters to wake up your muse, you'll find them at the bottom of this post. Drop in any time with a poem. I’ll continue to post your work throughout the month, no matter which sound you are writing in response to.

Would you like to read what we’ve written so far? Here are links to the week 3 poems. Each of these posts links to the week 1 and 2 poems.

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Tuesday, February 17 -- new poem!
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Friday, February 20 -- new poems!
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