April 12, 2016

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Poetry Friday: My Cruel Invention Giveaway

Happy Poetry Friday, everyone! Let's celebrate the end of a week during which the cruelest invention, Death, took the lives of cultural icon David Bowie, poet C. D. Wright, and actor/ heartthrob (at least to me) Alan Rickman.

Where is the poetry action this week?
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This week, I am giving away a copy of the new poetry anthology MY CRUEL INVENTION to one lucky reader. Post a comment to be entered into the drawing. The book is "An outstanding collection of poetry about inventions and inventors, real and imagined," edited by poet Bernadette Geyer. [Quoted from back cover.]

More about the book in a moment. First, a few important announcements for fans of Author Amok.

First: I'm moving my blogging HQ to my newly refurbished website. I'll continue to post Poetry Friday entries here at Author Amok through January 29. As of February 1, you'll find me at my new blog.

Second: I am hosting the fourth (wow!) annual daily poetry prompt this February, with some help from my friends. The theme this year is FOUND OBJECTS. You will find a full explanation of this year's daily poem project at my new location. Past daily poem projects and National Poetry Month series will remain here at Author Amok, so you'll still be able to access those posts.

Now, on to MY CRUEL INVENTION. This cover! The Green Man goes Steampunk.

Find out more on Goodreads.
Check out some of the poem titles from this gorgeous little collection:

"The Rube Goldberg Contraption for Kissing" by Karen Skolfield
"Jekyll's Apology," by Kathryn Rickel
"A Physics Haiku," by Keith Stevenson
"I am a Geothermal Heat-Pump" by Nolan Liebert
"Dance with Rocket Shoes" by Alex Dreppect
"Edison's Elephant, 1903," by Tanis MacDonald
"Catherine de Medici and the High Hell" by Marcela Sulak
"Cadaver Feet" by Karen Bovenmyer

One of my postcard poems, "Eyes on the Back of My Head" is also anthologize here.

I reached out to poet Marjorie Maddox, who has given me permission to share one of my favorite selections from the book with you. I love how time travel underscores the layered interactions between parent and child in this poem.

H.G. Who?
by Marjorie Maddox

"I'm going back in the time machine;

I'll be right back," my daughter hollers
from the backyard when it's time
to set the table. I let her go
off into that world of minutes
cartwheeling backwards
and upside down into the oblivion
of imagination I once knew
in that past she's hurtling toward.
I stay where the seconds click
toward pot roast and green beans,
which she'll later leave on her plate,
off to visit the  moon
or that strange new solar system
calling to be discovered.

First published in The Same 10, no. 1, 2012. Posted with express permission of the author. All rights reserved.

You can learn more about Marjorie Maddox and her work at Or check out her book of poems LOCAL NEWS FROM SOMEPLACE ELSE, which includes "H.G. Who?"

Available from Amazon.
Would you like a copy of MY CRUEL INVENTION to call your own? Leave a comment -- that's all you have to do. I'll choose a winner on Wednesday, January 20.

See you in the stratosphere, fellow travelers. There's a starman, waiting in the sky.


Tabatha said...

Heartbroken about Alan Rickman.
Charming poem. I've been wanting that book ever since I heard about it! Pick me! (I took a class from Bernadette Geyer -- sooo helpful.)

Linda B said...

I've been watching clips from Alan Rickman's wonderful career since yesterday. I didn't know it all, but loved every one. What a sad week saying goodbye. The book of poetry looks wonderful, & congratulations on being in it, too, Laura. I will bookmark it in case I don't win!

Paul H. said...

I've attended readings by some of the included poets, and read poems of theirs; and I took part in a workshop *with* Bernadette Geyer. So I'm interested. I wonder whether there are features shared by the creativity that produces inventions (real or imaginary) and the creativity that produces poems.

Donna Smith said...

I loved your pick from the anthology. How wonderful to have a mother that remembers and values the imagination and creativity of childhood. I was kind of taken back to both roles as I read it.

Bridget Magee said...

Such sadness for the gems we lost this week...
Congrats on the move to your new website digs, Laura. I am intrigued by this anthology - I love Maddox's poem. I'm going to check out your February FOUND OBJECTS prompts - sounds fun! =)

Carol Varsalona said...

Laura, the anthology is so different than anything I've seen so congratulations on being involved. The line in the poem that resonates with me is "into the oblivion of imagination I once knew". Creativity is in the heart of inventors and poets both of whom design, create, and share creations. Thanks for showcasing this new book for me and offering a raffle. Who will be the lucky winner?

Sally Murphy said...

Love the cover of this anthology, and the taste you've goven us. Congratulations on your own involvement.

Ruth said...

I love the way the time goes in both directions in the poem.

Mary Lee said...

It's what I've come to realize in the course of all of these years spent with children -- they really DO live in an alternative reality!

Michelle Heidenrich Barnes said...

What a fabulous anthology to be a part of, Laura. Love Marjorie's poem and will have to share it with the other time travel fans in our family. Also, I finally spent a good long time perusing your new website and blog this morning, Laura. It looks spanky-spiffo-awesome!

Diane Mayr said...

I look forward to visiting you at your new digs and writing through February! As you point out, the anthology cover is super steampunky and I love how the green man slowly revealed himself to me. Awesomeness! I hope the cruel invention has left the building for a while--he certainly has torn me up these past few weeks.

Violet N. said...

Wonderful poem written in the voice of an sympathetic mother. Peeked at your new website and felt immediately at home in the atmosphere or your signature blue.

Keri said...

Hi Laura! Congrats on the new website and blog, and thanks for the preview of the coming poetry challenge! I love green man images, and the gears blow my mind! I'm sure the collection is quirky and fun too! Thanks for coming by the blog -- there is no early or late, it's all good!

Doraine said...

I look forward (in time) to your new website. I love how this poem makes time travel seem so mundane. Yep. I would love a copy.

Unknown said...

I've been (time) traveling this week by visiting my mother on the other side of the country. Just now saw this post. Thanks for the kind comments. I'm grateful to now know about Laura's good blog! :) Congrats on the new web site.

GatheringBooks said...

This does sound like a lovely anthology - I am also glad that you shared a time travel poem - too few of those, really. I particularly love the book cover - so visually arresting. Congratulations on having your poem included here, and will check out your new home. :)

Serviced Apartments London Lady said...

Love that H.G Who poem, it sounds like it could be developed into a children's book or something!

Unknown said...

What a great idea! Thanks.