April 12, 2016

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Two Great Tastes That Go Great Together

Bonus when my students write food/imagery poems -- free recipes.
Yesterday, one third grader wrote about his family's Halloween morning tradition. Hold onto your taste buds...
Cinnamon buns baked with candy corn on top. Are you seeing the melted yellow and orange candy dripping over the sides of the bun? Can you taste the earthy cinnamon and sweet, melted candy? Mmmm.
A marriage made in culinary heaven.
Last time, I shared some main course imagery written by the Northfield third graders. Now, it's time for dessert.
I love how Ilsa's attention to detail in this poem makes me feel that she's enjoying every bite of this delicious dessert.
Poet: Ilsa M.
Ice Cream Today is my birthday I hurry to the door I hurry to the shop When I get there… I can smell the cold air rush to my nose. I can hear the freezer’s noise trying to Get the ice cream cold. I can see the orange color so bright Like the sun shining. I can touch it with my spoon and no Bumps come in my way. I can taste the cold mango flavor In my mouth melting. I quickly find a spot right next to the Window. I slowly put [a spoonful] in my mouth. Its taste is so fresh and so real. I love mango ice cream. We've been talking about how food can conjure up memories of people and places. For Meghan, making a dish with her grandmother is what makes the food special.
Poet: Meghan M. Berry Biscuits A nice summer day my gramma And I are picking berries to make Berry biscuits. We go in to the kitchen squish Squish we’re smashing the berries. Looking at the smashed berries Looking gooey. Clink! Clink! Hearing the mixing Spoon clank against the bowl. Make it into dough. Pre-heating the Oven. Ding! It’s ready. Cutting the dough into circles. Put the biscuits in for 15 minutes. Put some sugar on the berries. Mmm! Ding! The biscuits are ready. Now time to cut them open. Slice! Put the berries In. We’re finally done.
Next up...some smelly sneakers take center stage as the Northfield third graders write odes.

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