April 12, 2016

Monday, August 3, 2009

Amok in L.A.

Forget tiptoeing into the water. A few months back, Edie Hemingway asked me to be the Assistant Regional Adviser for our SCBWI group. She took over from our dear RA Mona Kerby on July 19. Edie and I have been on the job for just two weeks and we're headed for Los Angeles and the national SCBWI Convention. Since neither of us could stay for a full week of conference and training, we split the week. Here's the RA scoop:
    • Arrive Wednesday and meet my new buddy & conference roommate at LAX -- Steph McGregor is the ARA from Scotland. We're trading regional favorites gift-baskets. Mine is packed with Terps gear, Berger cookies and a can of Old Bay. Will I be bringing home whiskey and haggis?
    • Wednesday night RA gathering at Steve Moser's house
    • Thursday RA and ARA training
    • Friday through Monday, conference. (I work the info booth on Saturday morning, Edie and I have a regional "meet and greet" early Sunday. All RAs and ARAs have jobs at the conference.
    • Friday evening free yoga class for attendees? I'm there.

Saturday, Edie arrives in time for the Blue Moon Ball! Dressing in theme is encouraged.

    • Sunday, I head home exhausted, but uplifted.
  • Tuesday and Wednesday, Edie gets trained on the new SCBWI website.
I'm looking forward to hearing Holly Black (Spiderwick), Sherman Alexie, and Ellen Hopkins (who writes YA novels in verse). Edie and I will also be scouting dynamic editors and agents to invite to our regional conferences. Busy day packing tomorrow. It makes me feel better to see authors like Ellen Hopkins (also an RA) stressing about getting their toes done in time for the conference. More on Wednesday!

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