April 12, 2016

Thursday, August 6, 2009

LA Conference Postcard

Greetings from L.A. – wish you were here, SCBWIers from MD-DE-WV!
Yesterday, I braved the 7-terminals LAX airport to find Stephanie McGregor, my conference roommate and ARA from Scotland. As I waited for Stephanie, some very angry security guards blocked people from walking into the next terminal. Turns out, there was a bomb scare. Talk about starting the trip with a bang.
Once we got to the hotel, Stephanie and I walked over to the mall next door. We’d be warned to pick up supplies at the grocery store, since meals are not included in this conference. Suddenly, the McDaniel College cafeteria doesn’t look so bad.
A charter bus picked up all the early arriving RAs and ARAs for dinner. We went to SCBWI President Steve Moser’s lovely home in Santa Monica. During the backyard buffet, Stephanie and I had the chance to meet and chat with RAs from all around the country. I met a few more of the 2k9 group, the RAs from Hawaii (one of whose last name’s Wikoff, is related to the town where I grew up: Wyckoff, NJ).
I also found out that my manuscript critique is with YA author and Nevada RA Ellen Hopkins. Ellen is an award-winning novelist-in-verse. Since I sent my MG poetry project, “We Rule the School: A Fifth Grade Yearbook,” I’m really excited about meeting with Ellen. Critiques are expensive at $100, but they’re half an hour.
For Poetry Friday, I’m hoping to interview Ellen about the popularity of novels-in-verse with teen readers. I’d love to post one of her favorite poems, too. Stephanie and I are off to breakfast and High Voltage , home of reality show L.A. Ink. Don't worry about me! No tattoos, just visiting. Our work for the day – RA training – starts at 1.

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