April 12, 2016

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It's a Dance Party, Hon!

I'm dancing today. The children don't find it amusing. Maybe if I put on my streamer headband, they'll play along.

It started with happy feet.

Fellow Maryland children's poet Kerry Aradhya -- who happens to be a real dancer -- just started a new blog: Picture Books and Pirouettes.

Kerry will be writing about dance-related picture books. I know my daughter went through a huge Angelina/ballet phase. It began at age two and didn't end until she found out she couldn't join her dance school's "Company" unless she was willing to miss soccer games for dance rehearsals. Commitment to your art is a lot to ask of a six year old.

Please help me encourage Kerry to join us for Poetry Friday when she's got a verse PB to share.

The happy feeling crept along, until I was shaking it like a beehived Baltimore Hon.

Next week, the fabulous Shirley Brewer and I are speaking to the Maryland Writers Association, Howard County Chapter. We'll be talking about preparing your work for readings, and about fear and bravery in the writing process.

Shirley's got enough inner glow to light up Charm City, and the accessories to match.

I've been a huge fan of her poetry since we took a class together years ago. Come see us at Howard Community College, Thursday, August 19 at 7 PM. We've got some tricks up our sleeves! Both of us are selling and signing books. Meeting info is here.

Finally, I had a huge smile dancing across my face this morning.

Today, JMWW Journal posted a poetic conversation between me and Barbara Morrison -- also a local poet. 

Barbara and I sat down to talk about putting together a chapbook, writing in the voices of characters, using poetry as an entry to prose and using poetic form as a means of revising poems.

She also asked me about my experience publishing a chapbook with CityLit Press. I hope you'll visit the JMWW Blog and read my answer (putting the book together was an amazing experience!) will encourage you to submit to the 2011 Harriss Poetry Prize.

I'm determined to finish my MG novel-in-verse this week. It's undergone a huge expansion and some surprising discoveries about the characters. I hope the kids take that caution sign to heart and give mom some work time.

See you on Poetry Friday!

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