April 12, 2016

Friday, February 11, 2011

Poets' Tea Friday

I've been out of the loop for a few weeks. It seriously has been a frenzy of teaching, editing and parenting. Plus, it's Shovan birthday season (4 birthdays, 5 weeks, 109 candles -- not counting ones to grow on).

I haven't seen my friends at Lisbon Elementary School in almost a month. The fifth graders have had time to polish their poems, practice their public speaking skills, and get ready for the big day ... today's Poets' Tea.
Parents and administrators will stop by to hear the poets read their work. We'll have some treats to celebrate the end of the residency and all of their hard work.

Here is a sampling of poems I hope to hear this afternoon. This group is from a simile lesson, "Animals are like Feelings." You can find the lesson posted here (please excuse the squished formatting -- Blogger ate my spacing).

When I Feel Mad
by Josh G.

When I feel mad,
I am like a red and
angry bull, throwing people
off that want to ride me, looking
mad and fierce. I run
in a ring chasing a

I know we can all relate to that feeling. Other people's problems and emotions weigh us down. It's safe to write about wanting to explode and rant in a poem. This writing prompt can help kids put a little distance between themselves and out of control feelings.

by Gloria M.

When I feel hyper,
I am like a white mouse.
My tail is wriggling around
With a mind of its own.
I look around eager to bat
Something side to side, then smash it.
I jump from table to dresser,
To desk.
Flailing around like there
Is a cat behind me.
My tail whacks a vase off
A table.
It makes a bang when it
Hits the floor.
The two-leggeds yell at me.
I don’t care, I flail, and
Whack and run and smash
And feel happy.

The response from her peers was great when Gloria read this poem. They loved the image of a mouse bouncing from one piece of furniture to the other. I like how Gloria's mouse is aware that it's acting hyper, but chooses not to stop itself.

Our next animal is also hyper, but for a reason. Logan's little squirrel is so busy preparing for winter, he can't focus on simple things. I know I've felt that way before.

by Logan G.

When I feel busy, I am like
A squirrel. I rush place to
Place trying to find food
Before my hibernation. I can’t
Think and I forget things
Like where I’m going. I just
Want to get home and rest
For hibernation.

I like the specific animal that Caitlyn chose for her poem. Manatees move more slowly than whales and dolphins -- a good choice for "relaxed."

When I Feel Relaxed
by Caitlyn K.

When I feel relaxed
I feel like a blue manatee.
I gracefully swim around
The calming ocean.
I slowly eat away at my
Sea grass.
I follow my mom around
As she swims through
The blue, calm water
That flow around me.

Thanks again for the staff, administrators, and families of Lisbon Elementary for supporting the arts through our residency. Also, for giving me permission to share the students' amazing poems.

This week's Poetry Friday host is Carol at Rasco from RIF. She has a fascinating post about poet Phyllis Wheatley -- the first African American to have a book published. Stop by and take a read.


Tabatha said...

Awesome poems, Laura! Nice to have you back.

Tara said...

I love the voice in each of these poems..I can just imagine these students carefully ruminating over the choice of the best animal to represent themselves.

Denée Barr Art News and More said...

Viewed and Enjoy.