April 12, 2016

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Hush, Don't Tell Nobody Giveaway

Happy Poetry Friday, everyone!

February is almost here. I promised to post prompts for this year's month-long poetry project by January 25. (Read about the project here.) However, revisions for THE LAST FIFTH GRADE are due on Monday, January 26. So ... priorities.

When I need a break from revision work,
I make fake book covers with
the Pulp-O-Mizer cover maker.
Look for the list of 28 sound clips -- they will be our writing prompts -- by Wednesday. Friday at the latest. I swear!

I'm taking a short break from novel revisions to Poetry Friday with you. Yes, I just verbed a noun. Twice. That's what happens when you've been eating words for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Tara at A Teaching Life
is hosting the Poetry Friday
round-up today.
I'm excited to introduce all of you to poet Kyle Doty. Although he lives and teaches middle school in Florida, Kyle's first book will be published by Baltimore's Apprentice House Press in February. Apprentice House is a unique publisher, associated with Loyola University. It is the country's first student managed publishing house, and they do some pretty amazing books.

Kyle Doty has been kind enough to send an ARC of his chapbook, HUSH, DON'T TELL NOBODY, which one lucky commenter will win today!
You can pre-order at Amazon now,
or wait to buy the book directly
from Apprentice House.
Several things impress me about Kyle's poems. Many are drawn from his work as an educator. The poet is both a mentor to and a keen observer of his students. As the title of the book makes clear, Kyle takes on some tough issues in these poems, but they are issues that real teens face. He also has wonderful descriptions of place in the book. Indiana and Florida come to life in the imagery and details of Kyle's work.

I’m declaring a war on apathy!
– Dr. Kim Worth, year 1999/2000, 9th grade Drama teacher.
by Kyle Doty
I hope for rain in the evening,
for clear sky to give way
to low-hanging clouds, black
like rotten fruit swaying from
summer Maples. I ask for wind --
tempest strength -- and the crooked
rod of electricity that cuts through
twilight. For the sound of thunder
like a herd of elephants trampling
from the distance.
I pray for a storm that cleanses,
like wire brush on metal,

the ebony mood of indifference.


Kyle Doty is a Middle School English teacher. He lives in Southwest Florida--Tropicalia--with his family, where he is at work on his next collection of poetry. His new website will be up soon at

Thank you for sharing this poem, Kyle. I can't wait to pass your book along to one of the Poetry Friday readers.

Remember to leave a comment for your chance to win the ARC. Feel free to send Kyle Doty a thumbs up or congrats on his first book.

See you next week with our February poetry project prompts!


Tabatha said...

I especially like the freshness and edge of "the crooked rod of electricity that cuts through twilight" and "that cleanses, like wire brush on metal."

What a dapper poet! Poetry Monster would approve.

Like the Pulp-O-Mizer cover!

Samantha Hearn said...

I spent a large number of my formative years in Florida, and the imagery here brought me back to late afternoon, waiting for the clouds to let go. The imagery and feeling were so strong that I was surprised when the last sentence said the mood was one of indifference. I had to go back and read it again through that new lens. Kyle is an author to watch, and he ain't too bad to look at either.

Robyn Hood Black said...

Hi, Laura - Hoping to hop over lots more next month; I won't be in the throes of a move this year!

As usual, Tabatha "took" my favorite lines - I'm fond of "tempest-strength," too... Thanks to you and Kyle for sharing this terrific poem,and I wish much success for this and future books. (For both of you, for that matter!)

jama said...

Oh, thanks for the heads up about Kyle's chapbook and for sharing a sample poem, Laura. Love the crisp language and energy in his writing. :)

Michelle Heidenrich Barnes said...

Such fresh and startling description! I look forward to reading more poetic insights from this fellow Floridian.

Holly Mueller said...

Love this imagery: "
like rotten fruit swaying from
summer Maples." Congrats to Kyle, and I'm glad you took a break from revisions to publish this post!

Buffy Silverman said...

That Tabatha--she is a line stealer. I too love "the crooked rod of electricity that cuts through twilight" and "that cleanses, like wire brush on metal." Thanks for introducing us to Kyle's poetry, and for taking a break to poetryfriday today.

Anonymous said...

Apathy is the enemy of connection, and it's connections that makes people happy. I hope that wire brush comes and blows it all away, too. Great poem! Thumbs up, Kyle and great post, too.

Margaret Simon said...

"tempest strength" and "wire brush on metal" Wow the imagery is amazing! And is that Kyle's picture? What a cutie. Does his personality match? Would love to attend a poetry reading. Thanks for introducing me to his talent. Gears us up nicely for sound writing in February.

Linda B said...

Love that 'pulp-o-miser' cover, Laura, & the site! Thanks for sharing Kyle's book & poem. From that first line "I hope for rain in the evening" I can hear such a beautiful voice. I'll bookmark the book for my own middle schoolers, but still, hope I win!

Mary Lee said...

Three cheers for a fellow teacher-poet! Congrats on the publication!

Doraine said...

I love that you're eating words morning, noon, and night, but glad you stopped long enough to introduce us to Kyle and his poetry. Such vivid images!

Anonymous said...

Very lovely poem. After reading I felt like I, too, am off to wage a war against apathy. The poem was so alive. Thanks for sharing his poetry. :)

Bridget Magee said...

Will now be on the lookout for Kyle's book - thanks for the introduction to his amazing poetry. And bravo on your Pulp-O-Mizer cover - very cool. =)

Jone said...

Will look for this this line: the ebony mood of indifference