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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

In Residence: Like a Rushing River

Thanks for all of your comments on my students' poems, readers! Today I am sharing the last set of third grade poems from Northfield Elementary.

It's always a gift to be invited to a school for poetry writing. Reading these poems says it all: When we put aside time for creative work that is not graded or judged on a rubric, but instead is given encouraging feedback for revision -- what wonders the students are capable of!

I'm very grateful to the PTA Cultural Arts Committee at Northfield E.S. and the Maryland State Arts Council for funding the grant that makes our month-long poetry residency possible.

Manga-style poet.
by Stephanie G.

Mrs. Shovan should be president of poems.
She spent her time
to teach us poems.
She went in deep
inside her brain
to have us learn
about how to write poems.
She writes examples
of the poems
to help us understand.
She taught two million kids
with great thoughts and explanations.
She talks with a flow,
all calm and no madness.
And tells us some corrections
for us to make our poems better.

Highlighter bird.
by Megan I.

Mrs. Shovan deserves a colossal
monument to remember her by.
Mrs. Shovan looks like a beautiful
young bride on her wedding day.
Mrs. Shovan's voice sounds like a songbird
singing in the early morning.
Mrs. Shovan, you are BOLD and BRAVE like a
soldier going into war.
Without you, I wouldn't understand poetry,
and that would be HORRIBLE!

Key art by Ryan and Ilana
Creativeness Is Key
by Ryan A. and Ilana M.

   When I am creative,
I am like Mrs. Shovan.
   I'm always thinking of fun and
bright ideas to write down next.
   Once I put them on what was a blank
piece of paper, I feel accomplished.
   We do exactly as Mrs. Shovan does,
and we are glad she had shown us her ways.
  The poems flow through my mind like
a rushing river. Mrs. Shovan has opened
poetry to the creative side of me.

Before and after cartoon by Jihoon
Mrs. Shovan Made Me Love Poetry
by Jihoon H.

In the beginning
I wasn't a fan
of poetry.
Since you came
you made me
love poetry.
You made me
do ode poetry,
list poetry,
and more.
You changed me.
Thank you Mrs. Shovan
for changing me
to love poetry!

Here is the complete "In Residence" series. Enjoy all of these great third grade poems -- you'll find descriptions of our workshops, too. Feel free to use these writing prompts and model poems in your own classroom.

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Margaret Simon said...

Yes, you should be the president of poems. Ha! And that before and after cartoon is priceless. Your heart must be full knowing you have passed on a love of poetry to these children. They will never forget you.